Special Samurai experience programme to celebrate the WORLD AQUATICS CHAMPIONSHIPS

This master, the pride of Japan, will lead the experience.
The Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo prefectural governments commissioned Shihan Hogyoku Takeda OSS to make the video.
And this Hogyoku Takeda OSS is from Fukuoka, where the World Swimming Championships take place.

1 You can become a Samurai when you visit Fukuoka!

Hogyoku Takeda OSS
Chairman, Japan’s Largest International Iaido Organisation Hogyokuakai
MUGAI-ryu Iaido Kyoshi 7-dan licence Master

In Fukuoka, there are still samurai practising MUGAI-ryu iai, which has a 340-year history.
They practise the real art of using Japanese swords.
At the top of their game is Japan’s proud master, Hogyoku Takeda OSS.
He is the rightful heir to the licence to carry on the 340-year tradition.
In recognition of his achievements, Scotland awarded him the Order of the OSS.
You can receive his guidance and experience the Samurai experience.
It will be a great time.

The sword used is a replica sword for iaido that is safe and secure even for beginners.
Test cutting with a serious sword requires a skilled technique to handle, as there is a risk of making a momentary mistake and cutting off a finger, or bending the sword.
Even if you insure your experience, you cannot recover if an accident occurs.
The swords used in these lessons are safe for women and children as this does not happen.
Enjoy the extraordinary experience of wielding a sword and becoming a samurai.

Included in the price
Rental hakama (samurai kimono)
Rental sword (replica Japanese sword for iai)

Your child can experience this if they are over 5 years old.
We will guide you through a wonderful time that you will remember for the rest of your life.

2 Programme includes

You too can put on a kimono and learn how to handle a sword under a master who carries on the spirit of the 340-year-old Mugeiryu school of swordsmanship.

Standard experience plan 

15,000jpy/person(Tax included)

1. changing clothes
2. listen to an explanation of what iaido is (by Master Takeda and an instructor)
3. receive an explanation of the flow of the experience (how to handle the sword safely (the sword is a replica of a sword), how to draw the sword, how to hold the sheath, basic patterns, etc.)
4. test cutting (test cutting is the practice of actually cutting things with a sword)
5. see a demonstration of iaido kata (predetermined attack patterns).

At the end of the experience, you can watch a real iaido kata being performed in front of your eyes.

The world of the Samurai is a world of Zen

At the end of the experience you will receive a certificate of completion of the trial training from the master.

Fukuoka Dojo is a five-minute walk from Hakata Station in the heart of Fukuoka City.

Collaboration with European violin masters.
A meeting of the best of the West and the East.

We will reply to the given email address within 24 hours.
Please look forward to it.

Cancellation policy

If a booking is cancelled two days or more before the experience date, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

If booking is cancelled 5 days or more before the experience date, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged

If a booking is cancelled 15 days or more before the experience, a cancellation fee of 20% will be charged